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Lazy Boy Brewing Co. is family owned and operated and not affiliated with any other companies.


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Oktoberfest 5.5%

Pumpkin Porter 5.8%

Imperial Red 7.9%

Hefeweizen 5.9%

Norwegian Death 5.8%

Last Will and Testiment IPA  6.5%

Lazy Boy IPA 6.5%

AquaSox IPA 5.0%

Scotch Rye 10.2%

Belgian Golden 8.7%



Triple IPA 10.2%

Summer Rye 5.1%

Double Trouble IPA 7.9%

Golden Ale 8.7%



Lazy Boy IPA 10.2%

Porter 5.8%

Mistletoe Bliss 7.5%



A Northwest style IPA utilizing locally grown hops with plenty of malt backbone to give a smooth and pleasant finish.

ABV 6.5%
Grains Pale, Crystal, Munich
Hops Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo
IBU's 75
  Bronze Award Winner at the North American Beer Awards in the Bavarian Hefeweizen Category. (close)


Locally made/ Globally inspired. A Bavarian yeast strain creates unique flavors with hints of bananas and cloves.

ABV 5.5%
Grains Munich, Wheat
Hops Vanguard


Don’t be afraid of the dark. A great lasting mouth feel with hints of chocolate make this a satisfying experience.

ABV 5.8%
Grains Pale, Crystal, Munich, Chocolate
Hops Mt. Hood, Willamette


A Northwest favorite. Subtle sweetness from a variety of crystal malts combined with English hops makes this a smooth drinking beer.

ABV 5.2%
Grains Pale, C-75, Munich, Vienna, Biscuit
Hops East Kent Golden, Ahtanum
  Bronze Award Winner at the Strange Brewfest - Water Street Brewing & Ale House, Port Townsend, WA. (close)

Mistletoe Bliss

A new brown ale on steroids! Stock up now to warm those cold winter nights.

ABV 7.5%
Grains Pale, Crystal, Munich, Brown, Vienna, Chocolate
Hops Ahtanum
  Gold Award Winner at the North American Beer Awards in the Belgian Pale Strong Ale Category (close)


We welcome spring by brewing a Belgian Golden Strong Ale with traditional malts, hops and a unique strain of yeast to create a flavor packed experience.

ABV 9.3%
Grains Idapils, Munich, Crystal
Hops Styrian Goldings